EA Battlefield 2: 1.22 patch now available!

Patch 1.22 has been released and is available on EA Downloader. The release of this patch is in line with our ongoing effort to make the game as enjoyable as possible, releasing quicker fixes addressing some of the things that you want to see changed.

Were still hard at work on version 1.3, which will see the addition of some additional, sought-after changes. When we have more information to share with you on 1.3 we will, in the meantime, please find below the list of fixes in 1.22:

– Improved Server Stability
– Adjusted handling of the Tiger attack chopper
– Increased delay for aiming reticule when going from movement to prone on all support weapons
– Adjusted deviation on MG36 and PKM to be in line with other support weapons
– Increased rpm from 600 to 900 on the P90
– Fixed Lock on error on certain Oil towers
– Fixed a Great Wall Exploit
– Fixed exploits on Dragon Valley and Karkand

Download from:

* BF2s Website

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