FarCry – The Way It Was Meant To Be Played

Something unusual happened with the release of the GeForce 6800. Typically, the hardware is released, then the software makers start to take advantage of the new features. Not this time around, at least not with FarCry.

From an article on the Inquirer website, “THE AMAZINGLY good looking game Far Cry has support for the shader model 3.0 but thats currently supported only by Nvidias Geforce 6800 cards.”

In addition, the next generation Unreal engine supports Shaders 3.0.

Bah! Just another reason to buy a new video card. I can see it now. Hello, My name is Atomm and Ive been addicted to Video Cards since 1997 when I pre-paid $240 for the lastest 4mb S3 card. Yes, I am addicted…..

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