Harmony In My Head is Back!!

As some of you may know, I am a huge Henry Rollins fan. I enjoy his spoken word and have liked all of his music back to Black Flag. Henry is one of those guys who has known many bands and seems to know every guy who ever picked up a guitar. He has resumed a show he did last year from Indy 103.1 http://www.indie1031.fm/ called Harmony in my Head. Its on 8 PST on Tuesdays the website is: http://www.harmonyinmyhead.com/

This is a cool show where he DJs for about 2 hours. He plays music that he likes, and he cover quite a range of genres. For each song he gives a lead-in about why he likes the song and typically he will tell some “back-story” about the band.

You can stream this from the Indy 103.1 website, check it out.

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