Jason leaves Metallica

I have been really down on Metallica for a long time now. It all stems from the second row seats I had to “And Justice for All…” in Oklahoma City way back in 1987. I was 15 then, and will always remember it as one of the greatest shows I have ever seen. I was less than 5 feet away from the newest member of the band, Jason Newstead.

Click Read More… to continue. It is the only show I ever remember looking right into the eyes of a member of the band and making a connection. He looked me straight in the eyes, cracked that wicked smile of his, and with my fist flying into the air, we screamed the words together…… “Master, Master, Wheres the dream that Ive been after. Master, Master, Promised only lies.” It was at that exact moment, I knew this band was going to be big. The power they had over me and the whole entire audience was incredible. Even more than that, I connected with another fan of Metallica…. He just happened to be the newest member, Jason Newstead.

If this were a perfect world, Metallica would still be playing the music that I loved to hear them play. Unfortunately, this world is always changing. Metallica is no different and I am just as guilty of changing. The next time I saw them live was their first time through OKC on the Black Album Tour. My seat was not as good, but still worth having. Metallica on the other hand was not. They had changed. Their hearts appeared to be somewhere else that night. This was not the band I remember from 1987. It just didnt feel right. Who knows what it was or why it happened, but it just did not feel the same to me.

Metallica was destined to become one of the biggest Rock bands of all time. They have sold millions upon millions of albums, including the first few millions without radio play or MTV. They have played sold out tour after sold out tour. They have earned their place among the greatest bands of all time. Unfortunately, for me its just not the same band I saw that night in 1987 or remember playing on a boom box, sitting on the back of the bus on the way to Jr. High each day.

Am I still a fan? Sure. I am still working hard on wearing out my second Master of Puppets tape I bought 7 years ago. I bought The Black Album, but have not felt the need to buy another Metallica album until Garage, Inc and S&M. Will I see them again? Probably not unless they do S&M with the Oklahoma City Philharmonica Orchestra. Yea, fat chance. But, its ok, because Metallica will always be an important part of my life and Jason will always be another Metallica Fan I had a connection with that night 14 years ago, in the heartland of America.

Jason, I wish you good health, happiness, and thank you and Metallica for giving me one of the most memorable nights of my life….


P.S. If you want to see the official release, you can find it on the Metallica website, here.

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