Project Reality Mod Updates to 0.31

The Project Reality Mod has an update out:

THANKS very much to all of you for your patience while we sorted out some issues with PRMM 0.31.

NOTE: This requires BF2 1.3 and PRMM 0.30 installed.

– Removed ability to drop vehicles until we make some PR changes to it
– Disabled the PR Squad Hopping penalty system. The BF2 1.3 penalty system is used instead.
– Reduced volume and sound radius of SLAM timer beeps
– Removed Arty and Supply Drop capabilities from the Squad Leader map popup menu. These are now only available through the Squad Leader Comm Rose.
– Removed healing abilites from Supply Crates. You must now find a Medic to get healed.
– Added back in Vehicle Resupply capabilities to Supply Crates.
– Boosted Ammo Kit reloading speed by 50%.
– Reduced initial grenade toss delay by about 70%.
– Reduced Grenade Reloading delay to 4 seconds from 8 seconds in 0.30.

Download from Filecloud

Thanks to Total Battlefield 2 for the link

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