Sony Announces Lords of EverQuest

I stumbled across this today. Sony is working on an RTS based on the world of EverQuest. I havent played EverQuest since beta testing, but this game looks very cool. Get the full scoop at the Lords of EverQuest website or read on for the Producers Letter…. Lords of EverQuest represents the next generation of real-time strategy (RTS) gaming, adding many new concepts to the genre while improving on proven gameplay standards. Inspired by the lore of the online gaming phenomenon EverQuest, Lords of EverQuest features an enthralling storyline that draws you into the world of Norrath to change the fate of the world.

Featuring three different unique factions to battle and a beautiful game world filled with breathtaking environments, you are able to command troops comprised of Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Fiends and even Dragons! Your role is to take command of one of 15 Lords from the dawn of Norrath and lead an army of hundreds against your enemies in a race to claim a lost artifact.

Adrenaline is high as every choice you make can have dire consequences or lead to conquest and massive rewards. As you battle squadrons of hungry kobolds, companies of bloodthirsty undead zombies and armies of evil creatures, only you have the power to repel the insurrection and mount a counter assault to claim your realm.

Learn powerful magic that can be used to fight, heal or grow as you build your skills for the ultimate challenge. After the story ends, the gaming just begins as you take your game online and play via our upcoming matchmaking service.

Lords of EverQuest delivers an unparalleled experience to RTS players. Never before has a game delivered so many opportunities for exploration, growth and creation. The combat action in Lords of EverQuest expresses an epic struggle with cinematic quality through the wide variety of attacks, magical spells, unique artifacts and items.

The world within Lords of EverQuest will provide you with the chance to discover and explore new lands, where new adventures and new opportunities await. The creators of some of the worlds best-selling RTS games have stepped forward to deliver this epic game that is sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys real-time strategy games.

We have a passion for games, and here at Sony Online Entertainment we will deliver the next generation in real-time strategy that will take this genre to the next level.


James S. Parker


Sony Online Entertainment

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