XP Blows! How about gaming on Linux?!?

I am not real happy with the current release of Windows XP by Microsoft. It seams with every new OS release, they get one step closer to really living up to the Anti-trust lawsuit currently winding down in the courts. I really do not want to rent my software. It is bad enough to pay a monthly subscription rate for Online Games, but at least I can understand the cost involved with Bandwidth and operations. I can respect the fact that my $10 is going to pay for an ongoing business and not just someones greedy attempt to swindle me out of even more money.

With that said, I would like to discuss the future of gaming on alternate OSs. Lets face it. The Mac is not a gaming OS, no matter what Carmack makes of it. Hell, Mac users are proud of the fact that they own a system not primarily used as a replacement for a gaming console. I say let them live in their ignorant bliss. They deserve it.

If it was not for gaming, I would have never learned HTML. I would have never have learned Commodore Basic so long ago. (Heh, silly programers. Thats for the f…err, fun games!) This of course led to bigger and better things and helps me earn a small living today. Games motivated me to get where I am today.

Gaming plays an important role in the future of an OSs development and acceptance of that OS in the mainstream marketplace. Gaming will either make or break Linux as a viable alternative to Microsofts lousy scheme to milk us for more money. Luckily, the collapse of Loki Games does not make the end of gaming on Linux. It seems some developers using a program called WineX have devised a war to play some Direct X based games on Linux. They have paired up with Mandrake to bring you a gaming version of Linux and will even ship this version of Mandrake with The Sims. How mainstream is that my friends? I think it is a great step in the right direction for Linux as a gaming OS. They have a whole list of games currently working in one form or another on Linux. For a small fee, you can get access to the latest information. If you have any interest in this software, why dont you check them out at http://www.transgaming.com/.

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