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QuakeCon 2006!!!

id has finally set a date!!!

“We know you all have been waiting to find out about QuakeCon 2006, and we want to thank you for your patience. We’ve had some unexpected issues locking in the dates and location, but don’t worry, we’re still bringing you another kick-ass QuakeCon event, and it’s already right around the corner – August 3 – 6 in Dallas, TX at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in their Trinity Exhibition Center.”

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Will Madden fumble this year???

I very seldom play console games anymore; however, when it comes down to sport games, that is the only media to use. I think this has been the first year that I was not waiting for the new version of Madden NFL to hit the shelfs, and after seeing this preview/review I am glad I didnt.

I got stuck watching G4TechTV the other day and saw the new ESPN NFL 2K5… All I can say is OMG!!!!! But to find out what all the buzz is, read the full article at G4TechTVs website.

Here is a snippet….

“The hierarchy of console football is a funny thing. When it comes to PS2 decks humming in the back of a tricked-out Escalade, EAs Madden still kicks all comers. But down on the street level, where the rest of us live, a competitor has been building strength for a run at the title. The ESPN NFL franchise from Visual Concepts is an increasingly impressive contender, and with the field dramatically narrowed (no NFL Fever or NFL GameDay this year) this may be the year for the balance to shift.

Some information at E3 2004!!!

More Trailers and Information for 2 games that I hear will be coming out. Now, with that said you be the judge for yourself.

Check out FilePlanet out for the latest on Doom3 and Half-Life 2 presented at E3 2004.

OBW, for all of the Warcraft III peeps, might download the latest patch 1.15 while you are there.

Republic Of Texas Biker Rally June 3-6 2004!

Registration is open for the Best Motorcycle Event in Texas!

This years music headliner is the man himself Hank Williams Jr. Due to the increasing attendance that this rally brings each year they have now expanded the event to 4 days!!!! Nothing is better they having 4 days in Austin TXs and going to six street with 35,000+ people all wanting to have a great time. This is my 4th year and it keeps getting better each year.

This event is open to anyone and everyone no matter what type of bike you ride or dont ride. So, go over and check out and I will see ya there!

Battlefield 1942 Patch 1.6 Update Information

From Battlefield 1942 Community update – 1/15/04

Good Day, Soldiers!
Its been an eventful few weeks here as we gear up to release the 1.6 patch, by far the most comprehensive patch to date. Youll find a complete feature list for the patch below. As you will notice, its a very large patch with the full client patch weighing in at a hefty 266 MB. With the addition of Punkbuster, were commited to releasing the cleanest patch yet. So, please be patient. We want to give you this patch just as much as you want to get it!
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Red vs Blue Season 2!!!

Well it is finally here. Season 2 has started.

Currently I am pulling down the first release to the general public of season 2. Due to the GREAT demand for this file download speeds are pretty slow. The current download speed I am getting is 12.2KB which is normally around 150KB+ so that tells you that the site is getting slammed. If this season is anything like season 1, I cant wait until they get the sponsor site up so I will be able to get the High Res video.

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