Gamers Radio is Slowly Rising Out Of The Ashes

Wow, has it really been almost 5 years since I’ve posed to Gamers Radio? I’ve had plans to move from Joomla to WordPress for nearly 7 years, but I just seemed to let it slide. Having a bit of time, I worked through the import process and finally moved most everything over to WordPress. There is still a lot of cleanup to do on old stories, but I’m determined to get through it.

You may notice the theme is rather basic. I’m going to leave it that way for now. I used to spend days on end putting together new themes for the site with the help of Raze, but right now I just need to get back to the basics and find my grove. Speaking of Raze, the header you see was put together by him about 7 years ago. I bet he never thought I would use it. It’s still awesome. I wonder if he’s still out there somewhere.

Speaking of groove. I’ve been struggling what I should do with this site. It’s crazy how much the Internet, gaming and music have changed since I started this journey in 1997. It’s even crazier how much I’ve changed. I think it’s time the focus on the site caught up to those changes. Don’t worry though. We’re still going to be about Gaming  and Music, but with the shift from Computers to Mobile devices, we need to change our direction a bit.

I was dreading this moment because it was such a pain to do the migration and I thought I wouldn’t find any inspiration once I made the move. Man, was I wrong. I missed this place.

More to come…..


2 thoughts on “Gamers Radio is Slowly Rising Out Of The Ashes”

    1. DRIX! Wow, I was just thinking about you the other day wondering what you have been up to. I guess I could say the same for you. Glad to see you drop by. I’m actively working on an update for the site. I post updates on the FB Page. Stop by and say hi.

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