Major Update for GR2

Wow!  After laughing hysterically at The Office last night, I spent the remainder of the evening processing a major update to Gamers Radio 2:  The Punk Phase .  I went into the update with the goal of diversifying the number of bands and I think everyone is going to be very happy with what I've added for new music.  First, I sent packing a bunch of the lower rated songs, others that sounded poor, and ones that I thought sucked whether anyone else liked them or not.  All in all about 50 songs came off the air and were replaced by around 75 for nearly 8 hours of music!

I took this opportunity to fix the songs that sounded like garbage, and I hope I did that, particularly with some of the Dag Nasty songs.  Let me know if you hear anything that sounds too low, too high, or of generally poor quality.

For the "new" music, I added some of the 80's punk and hardcore like Agent Orange, Black Flag, Descendents, Social Distortion and Bad Religion.  I also stepped back to the very roots of punk rock and added some tunes by a group called Wire and another little known band called The ClashMinor Threat and Fugazi have finally shown up, as have Pennywise and Operation Ivy.  There is a lot of more recent stuff as well and you'll hear songs by the Selby Tigers, Retrace, Pulley, Roughnecks, Rise Against and Avail among others.  You will have to listen to find out the rest.

I also want to call extra attention to a band called the Belligerents that includes our very own Hymen Slaughter (That's not his real name) on drums.  You can find three of their songs in the rotation and I don't think you will be disappointed.

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